Thursday, December 25, 2008

The History sound of music

The year: 1990. The place: wembly. The performers: The who. When the crowds break into a thunderous ovation and Pete Townsend plucks the strings of his guitar, we are entering a new phase in melodious evolution that began with the birth of civilization.

The old est. evidence of man’s musical endeavors is said to be a painting seventeen thousand year old, in the caves of Trios Ferris in Aroege, France which depicts a man dressed as a bison, holding a musical bow.

Strangely enough, this very instrument is still played in Africa as the ‘Okongo’. It’s the predecessor of all the worlds’ stringed instruments and it shares its acoustic elements with Indian Sitar, the lyres of Greece, Persia’s, lutes, the Italian violin and the Africa ‘kora’.

The desire to create Harmony is present deep in the heat of man. And in the world of Asian and African music we find alternatives to the modern Symphony Orchestra. Among the tribesman of Orison and the. African bush, rituals of initiation, marriage and fertility still revolve around primordial rhythms and young man and woman send much of their prenuptial years in ceremonial music and dance.

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