Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Spring is here. There’s a feeling of happiness in the air, it’s as if all around your nature is coming to life once again. And the world rejoicing. It’s this exultation that finds expression in the beautiful Raga Vasnt, the swaying melody of Raga Hindola.

On the first days of spring, like the nymph chloe and her lover Daphnis, wake up early to greet the sun together. While the dew is still fresh on the young green grass, step out hand in hand in the soft sunlight and let a morning chorale of chirping birds serenade you while the “Spring Parade” plays In the back round.

Then wrapped in thoughts of each other, flat thought the day on cloud nine, listening to Copland `s “Appalachian Spring or Sibelius” ‘Spring song’. Spring is the time to begin anew, to fall in love all over again, to sing.

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