Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enjoy Music Together

A year had ended. It’s time to look back. The magic of your courtship days. When like the first man and woman on earth your found your own paradise. When life pulsated to the simple rhythm of unalloyed joy. You can stop time. And let the music play on.

The New Year’s here. You have another three hundred and sixty six days of togetherness to look forward to this could be the most romantic year your have ever spent together. All you have to do is make it happen.

Begin with some romantic resolutions. Why not make some loving sacrifices? Resolve to get up at five once in a while and go along for golf. Or tell yourself you will attend at least one classical concerto month.

How about some joint resolutions? Like taking turns to win an argument. Or playing something very – 2 special for each other every weekend.

Give and take, care and share. Is not that what this year’s all about?

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myjob said...

Sunny,in your blog what you had made, is a very good relation with each other through love and music. Its really unique one because here you realizing others that what is Love and what we can do for each other. I am appreciate with you and hand up to u for making such a good blog.

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