Thursday, December 25, 2008

The History sound of music

The year: 1990. The place: wembly. The performers: The who. When the crowds break into a thunderous ovation and Pete Townsend plucks the strings of his guitar, we are entering a new phase in melodious evolution that began with the birth of civilization.

The old est. evidence of man’s musical endeavors is said to be a painting seventeen thousand year old, in the caves of Trios Ferris in Aroege, France which depicts a man dressed as a bison, holding a musical bow.

Strangely enough, this very instrument is still played in Africa as the ‘Okongo’. It’s the predecessor of all the worlds’ stringed instruments and it shares its acoustic elements with Indian Sitar, the lyres of Greece, Persia’s, lutes, the Italian violin and the Africa ‘kora’.

The desire to create Harmony is present deep in the heat of man. And in the world of Asian and African music we find alternatives to the modern Symphony Orchestra. Among the tribesman of Orison and the. African bush, rituals of initiation, marriage and fertility still revolve around primordial rhythms and young man and woman send much of their prenuptial years in ceremonial music and dance.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enjoy Music Together

A year had ended. It’s time to look back. The magic of your courtship days. When like the first man and woman on earth your found your own paradise. When life pulsated to the simple rhythm of unalloyed joy. You can stop time. And let the music play on.

The New Year’s here. You have another three hundred and sixty six days of togetherness to look forward to this could be the most romantic year your have ever spent together. All you have to do is make it happen.

Begin with some romantic resolutions. Why not make some loving sacrifices? Resolve to get up at five once in a while and go along for golf. Or tell yourself you will attend at least one classical concerto month.

How about some joint resolutions? Like taking turns to win an argument. Or playing something very – 2 special for each other every weekend.

Give and take, care and share. Is not that what this year’s all about?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Spring is here. There’s a feeling of happiness in the air, it’s as if all around your nature is coming to life once again. And the world rejoicing. It’s this exultation that finds expression in the beautiful Raga Vasnt, the swaying melody of Raga Hindola.

On the first days of spring, like the nymph chloe and her lover Daphnis, wake up early to greet the sun together. While the dew is still fresh on the young green grass, step out hand in hand in the soft sunlight and let a morning chorale of chirping birds serenade you while the “Spring Parade” plays In the back round.

Then wrapped in thoughts of each other, flat thought the day on cloud nine, listening to Copland `s “Appalachian Spring or Sibelius” ‘Spring song’. Spring is the time to begin anew, to fall in love all over again, to sing.


" Tina Tina Tina,

This word so lovely,

That I say again,
Means I love you,

Tina tina tina my love,

Would you reject this feeling?

That I have placed sooner than you”.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Your two hearts beating as one, take off for a romantic world which invites you to experience its very special made for each other' magic... captured in music!

Jive down the ages together, swinging from symphonies to soul,Ragas to Rock, serious classical to contemporary classics and let time fly on the wings of song.

Let each song, every lyric in expression of your love for each other. You will find tow some tips, entertaining suggestion aplenty,long with romantic ideas on how to make music together all round the year.

The music of love plays on... asking your to remember the time when love was so tender.. and follow!

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